Blue Sky Thinking

Oracle Architects began life in 2007 as a small partnership practice between like-minded friends. Initially operating from a design studio in the basement of a partner’s home, in a quiet suburb of historical Phuket Town.

The vision was to create an Architectural practice that would foster design creativity and encourage a new generation of Architects to explore their imaginations. Individual development is encouraged at every level and the result has been that Oracle Architects are now recognized as one of the premium International Standard Architect practices in Thailand.

Oracle Architects now operate from their inspirational lakeside design studios located on the central axis area between Phuket Old Town, and the trendy Central shopping Zone of Phuket Island. The team consists of skilled Architects and Engineers and has become a favored destination for International interns looking to gain professional practice experience.

The team have expanded their geographical experience and have now serviced clients in multiple locations such as Australia, Fiji, India, Norway and Vanuatu with significant enquiry levels from Pan Asian locations, as well as a growing client base in native Thailand.